The largest success with our studio and what separates our program from other gyms is in our member results. Our superstars are members who have transformed themselves by achieving weight loss, fitness, health and muscle mass goals. These superstars are featured below and are also framed on the walls of our studio.

Our superstars are regular people, they work, have families and children and go through normal stresses, they encourage and inspire us every day as they prove that anyone can achieve their goals (with the right help and support) no matter what their situation.

Shazzie's Personal Training Weight Loss Story -  31kg Lost

Shazzie lost 31kg on our gold personal training package.  Shazzie had previously tried many different programs and found it difficult to get success.  Shazzie had an amazing transformation journey and achieved her weight loss goals with the help of her personal trainer in about 9 months.  Shazzie is an inspiration and shows that with dedication, consistency and support anything can be achieved.

Matthews Personal Training Health & Fitness Story - 17kg lost

Matthew lost 17kg with the help of our personal trainer Tim. Matthew was feeling lethargic and tired all the time and wanted to lose some weight and get healthier. Matthew has now come of all of his medications and has more energy and confidence.  Matthews kids notice the most how much extra engery he has.

Rebecca's Personal Training Weight Loss Journey - 33kg lost

Rebecca lost 33kg with the help of our personal trainer ben.  Rebecca had struggled with her weight her whole life, and was a typical binge eater, yo yo'ing with her food.  Rebecca told us "I loved that the trainer kept me on track, I struggle with giving up when it gets hard and having someone there to remind me that I can do it was invaluable".

Nikki's Personal Training Journey - 10kg Lost

Nikki had struggled with losing weight and her confidence had hit rock bottom, not wanting to venture out and live her life she decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer.  Nikki has now lost 10kg, looks and feels amazing and was proud to show us the latest photo of her water skiing, she is out and about living life to the full.

Brian's Personal Training Journey - fit, healthy & now a police officer

Brian joined our personal training studio initially to get fit and healthy.  After he achieved this goal he decided he wanted to join the police force, our personal trainer customised a training program to help him achieve his goal of passing the fitness test and getting into the Goulburn acadamy.  Brian achieved this goal and before he left to start his new career decided he wanted to turn is 50 year old body into a dream body.  His trainer customised a new training program for him to build muscle and strip any last few kilos and this the picture you see of Brian in the below photo.  Congratulations Brian you are an inspiration!

Anita's Personal Training Weight Loss Journey - 8kg Lost

Anitia joined our personal training studio because she wanted to lose weight after the birth of her first child.  After working with our personal trainers Anita lost the 8kg she put on after having her son. She now feels good about herself Anita said "I loving knowing that I can achieve what I set my mind and body to do, i've found being fitter gives me more energy to juggle all of my commitments".

Don's personal training journey - 15kg lost

Don suffered type 1 diabetes and was lethargic and tired all the time, falling asleep on the lounge and not looking after his health. He started with our personal trainer to change his lifestyle.  Don lost 15kg and is fitter and healthier than ever.  Don told us he can now dance longer and even tie his own shoelaces :)!  He said he no longer feels fat and unhealthy and loves how he can now work at a rate he feels comfortable with.

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