The Quick Fix to Weight Loss

posted Apr 10, 2018, 12:00 AM by Rebecca Smith
Now that i have your attention, there is no quick fix! Surprise! The key to exercise in general, whether it be attributed to weight loss, % of body fat or building muscle, you need to be consistent and it will take many months and years of hard work to feel like you have achieved the goal. Once you reach this point it is important to re-evaluate the goal and keep pushing yourself to be the best version of you that you can be. While this journey may be daunting, it can really teach you some life lessons such as patience, determination and drive, there will be bad weeks, there will be good weeks where you feel untouchable, this is all apart of the journey.

The ‘Quick Fix’ that you see advertised on many different platforms such as television and mainly social media, gives individuals a false sense of security. No matter the goal, training can be broken up into many different parts, such as the actual training program or whether it be nutritional coaching, can be more specific such as sleep patterns, it has to take into account your life as a whole and every individual is different.

For all of us, even the practising personal trainers etc, it is imperative we have a plan on how we train and how we train our clients. If there is no plan, we are just setting up ourselves for failure and we are hoping for that quick fix that is shoved in our faces. A plan on how to keep a client motivated for the long haul, for the bad weeks, how to keep a client on track in regards to macros and counting calories, otherwise we are just guessing right?

So in short, the quick fix that is advertised so readily for all individuals, is not quite what we expect it to be, yet we need to be ready for the long haul and put in the hard work month on month, once you commit to this, you will feel accomplished once the results start to show.


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