Surviving the school holidays with your fitness

posted Apr 11, 2014, 10:34 PM by Rebecca Smith
School holidays are here and I can already hear parents asking “How do I maintain my routine?”

Here are a few hints on how to get through the next few weeks.

  1. Make use of the crèche hours at the gym to get your workouts in:
     Monday, Wednesday 8:30 am- 12: 30pm
     Friday 9am- 12:30pm 

  2. Keep a diary and schedule your PT Sessions/workouts in advance so they don’t “fall between the cracks”

  3. It is very easy to over indulge over Easter, keep track of your nutrition with a food diary and/or nutrition

    tracking app (ask your trainer), just because the kids are holidays does not mean that all your hard work up till now should take a back seat, stay strong.

  4. Be active with the kids, go to the park, play ball sports, ride bikes, simply getting them off the lounge and off the Xbox will have huge benefits for not only yourself  but for them also.

  5. If your travelling these holidays then ask your trainer for a program you can do while you are away, we can be very creative you know J
By implementing these simple tips you can keep yourself on track to reaching your fitness goals and ideally get the kids active also.

Remember to speak to trainer if you need any help, that’s what we are here for, to get you results regardless of the situation.

Happy school holidays everyone, have a happy, healthy and safe Easter.

P.s of course Chocolate is a big thing over Easter, remember to factor it into your food diary and calorie count for the day, everything in moderation.

Personally I have asked people to buy me flowers, better for the waist and much nicer to look at.

Take care,

Trainer Kirsty

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