posted May 2, 2018, 7:18 PM by Difference Personal Training   [ updated May 2, 2018, 7:42 PM ]

SMART goals are an important tool in helping you achieve the end goal whatever that goal may be, weight loss, fat loss, muscle mass, the list can go on forever, but this cannot be reached without implementing smart goals into your training and lifestyle!

Lets break the smart goals down;

S - Specific 

When starting on your journey, it is important to set and end goal, which in fact isnt going to be specific. For instance you may say you want to lose 40 kilos or may want to squat or deadlift 100 kilos, this is the major goal that you may be working towards, but for this to happen, you need to break down this into small weekly, or monthly goals so you can be kept on track and have some sought of accountability. For example, you have set a weekly goal of losing 500 grams, by keeping track and accountable for this goal it is more likely in the long term you will achieve that major goal!

M - Measurable 

By setting measurable goals it is seen and feels like it is easily attainable, instead of stating just you want to lose weight, by setting a goal of 500 grams per week, it gives the client an incentive to train and eat well to reach this goal.

A - Achievable 

This relates to evidence based practice, is the goal you set, will this be achievable with reference to research and science. If you set a goal of say 5 kilos a week for 4 weeks, this seems hefty and in all seriousness not achievable, which then leads to disappointment and a loss of motivation. You need to set something that you know you can reach and is achievable, we all like over achieving and it bodes well for future performance and self-confidence. 

R - Realistic 

Setting realistic/relevant goals are important in the journey also, they need to tie in with the long term goal! There is no point saying you want to deadlift or squat 100 kilos and you are doing just cardio work! They both need to work hand in hand, in order to reach that final goal!

T - Timely  

A timely goal ties in well with the previous mentioned, as you need to put a timeline on the goal, for instance, losing 500 grams per week is a timely goal that allows you to see the weightless and is a good motivational tool.