How to Achieve your Weight Loss Goals

posted Mar 30, 2014, 2:02 PM by Rebecca Smith   [ updated Dec 14, 2017, 7:23 PM ]
Everyone has a goal and chances are you know what you’re goal is, however do you know what it takes to get there??

Is it motivation that will get you there?
Is it routine that will get you there?
Is it determination that will get you there?

The list could eventually be as long as your arm if we kept going with examples, interestingly all these things are necessary for success, that’s why reaching your goal is so amazingly rewarding because it is a massive effort.
So let’s talk about motivation a little, everyone starts out motivated with good intentions and a spring in their step….shame it can’t be like that all the time.

MOTIVATION is different for everyone and of course has a different effect from person to person but ultimately it’s a product of your emotions which creates an internal dialect which in turn drives you.

Some of us are very lucky and are not hugely affected by our emotions and that’s awesome (I’m not one of those) but for others emotions vary from week to week, day to day even hour to hour.

So there in lies the problem with “motivation”, that internal dialect which you are relying on so much is governed by emotions that change regularly, so whilst motivation is fantastic, if you’re serious about reaching your goals you should not relay on it exclusively as it will fluctuate from time to time and could take you on a bit of a roller coaster ride
This is where ROUTINE and PLANNING come into play, if you set up a good plan that establishes a sustainable routine you will not fall victim to the fluctuations of your own emotive motivation and changing dialect.

Know your enemy and be real with yourself, if you know that after 5pm your tired then train in the morning, if it’s the opposite for you and you’re a bit of a night owl then train in the evenings, if you know that you suck at keeping promises to yourself then get an appointment with a personal trainer, either way, you need find ways to overcome your personal barriers to success
Think of routine and planning as your safety net, your auto pilot or security blanket, your fail safe plan to get you to where you want to be.

If you’re serious about your goal, you should be serious about your plan, FAILURE TO PLAN IS A PLAN TO FAIL.
Now that the planning is done you should be set… right?

Wrong, the planning has helped by taking away all the guess work, allowing you to free up all your important mental energy so that you can divert it to enormously crucial factor of DETERMINATION.

Let’s face it, you won’t always want to follow your planned routine, you won’t always want to go to the gym, you won’t always want to get all hot and sweaty and you won’t always want to “feel the burn” but if want to change your current self you have to do what you have not WANTED to do previously.

Break the cycle before it breaks you down. BE DETERMINED TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.
Motivation…Check, Planning…Check, Routine…Check, Determination…Check

We seem to have done pretty good so far, quite a few things are now accounted for, however the few remaining things are by far the most important ingredient in you’re  recipe for success.

We start with SACRIFICE, any lifestyle change will undoubtedly require a sacrifice of some kind and the measure of this sacrifice will be different for everyone, depending on their goals and pre-existing lifestyle.

Sacrifice needs to be approached carefully because it’s a hard thing to do, remember this whole plan needs to be sustainable if it is going to work, don’t go over board with your sacrifices as this kind of thing can have you quickly resenting your new goal and make you throw in the towel.

So what do I mean about sacrifice then, this is a tricky one cause it can take various forms, it could be sacrificing some lunches with friends, it could be sacrificing some family time in the evenings, it could be setting the alarm an hour earlier, it could be food orientated, what ever the sacrifice is for you it needs be addressed.
Where there is sacrifice there needs to be SUPPORT.

Support can come from anywhere but you need to ask for it, let your family and friends know that your making some changes to better yourself and that their endearing support through the highs and lows will be hugely appreciated and  invaluable.

Support will also come in the form of information, this is where having someone how knows their stuff by your side can be an enormous help. Knowledge is power and being equipped with a knowledgeable support partner will save you plenty of heart ache during the ebb’s and flow’s of your “journey”, so be sure to find a great trainer that you can relay to get you through.

You will notice my language in the last sentence making mention to your “Journey”, I use this word because this lifestyle change is not a bleep on your lifespan sonar screen, this lifestyle change is, as the word suggests for LIFE…and LIFE IS A JOURNEY.

Many people have failed in the past thinking that if they speed up to their goal that they will reach it sooner and maintain it for life, unfortunately they will only go backwards from that point and have to start all over again , often further behind then before. This is an ongoing change, a multi faceted approach to a healthier you, this will require PATIENCE, SUPPORT, SACRIFICE, DETERMINATION, ROUTINE, PLANNING, MOTIVATION AND THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL….YOU.

So with all this information you are now well equipped to establish what your goal is and how you’re going to get there, good luck

Personal Trainer Narellan