Health & Fitness Success - the right information!

posted Jul 2, 2014, 1:20 AM by Rebecca Smith

The world of ‘Health and Fitness’ can be a very confusing experience. Bombarded with information about this diet and that diet, and new crazy classes, it’s difficult to know what is right and what to follow.

As someone who has been immersed in this information overload for years, I have to say it doesn’t get easier. But don’t be disheartened, because with time the ‘road becomes clearer’, and you start to develop some personal truths that will serve you for the rest of your life.

I encourage you to dive into the fitness information pool and swim around!

Explore some different ‘diets’ and the philosophy, and pay attention to the reasons that the person or book suggests why it may work.   

If the concept or philosophy makes sense and if you feel it could be compatible with your life, then dig a little deeper on the subject. Scour blogs on it, look for counter-articles, looks for variations, take what you find useful, and then assess your ideas.

Take for instance the Paleo diet, today, there are numerous books and blogs exploding all over the information-sphere tailored to help you implement and take advantage of the benefits of this diet.

The same information gathering approach can be applied to exercise programs and methods.

There is no ‘one golden program for achieving optimal gains. If there was, we would all be doing the same thing and I wouldn’t have a job!

There is however ‘better’ exercise modes, but within that there are countless options.

Scientific evidence proves that there are amazing changes in physical fitness and health achieved doing running, lifting heavy weights, gymnastics, bodyweight circuits, cycling, body-building programs, playing team sports, circuit training and various other modes of exercise.

My role as your personal trainer is to match the ‘right’ mode of exercise to you. Through expertise and experience I design a program that best fits your goals, abilities, likes, dislikes, what gets the most out of you, and what keeps your hungry for the next session.

An ideal exercise session for me personally involves lifting heavy weights and very little cardio. It works for me. I enjoy working out and the results I achieve give me great satisfaction. For the next person however, their mode of exercise might be totally different.

I encourage you to tell your trainer what exercises you most enjoy. Be specific, and collaborate with your trainer so that they can design a program that you will enjoy. Of course, it is likely your program will still include exercises you may not be particularly fond of, but are included to provide you with benefits and specific results. In time however, it is likely you will get better at those exercises and may even come to enjoy them.

Don’t be passive about your exercise and your health. Acquiring knowledge is a key step and seeking assistance from experts and working with them will empower you and give you immense satisfaction from taking positive action.

A great starting point is….. The Model Health Show, an ideal podcast for general health knowledge. Health guru Shaun Stevenson presents a whole range of topics such as how to maximise sleep, how to improve digestion and elimination, how to improve your diet with whole foods, what foods to eat and what to avoid (a great podcast, EP 14), as well as countless other topics to improve your ability to increase health.

Information and knowledge is key.

Harry Finn
Personal Trainer
Camden & Narellan