Forget saying I WISH and start saying I WILL

posted Jul 10, 2014, 11:31 PM by Rebecca Smith
Everybody has to start somewhere, I want to just share a few stories of some of my clients I am working with and have been over the past months.

My first story is a very special lady who had been looking after her family for the past 20 years and decided after all that time is was time to start looking after herself, when we first meet she told me she wanted to lose 30 kilos and feel healthy again. I remember about after six weeks of training she mention that she was surprised when she was able to reach down and pull the blankets up in bed, now she has lost 20 kilos and is running, boxing weight training and is a new woman.

The next story is a gentleman who found out he had diabetes, has a bad back, sore knees and a variety of other injuries He decided he was going to turn things around for himself. He like most people has a very busy life with work and family but realised if you don’t have your health and fitness everything else suffers in the end. He has lost 16 kilos and has his diabetes totally under control and regardless of his back and knee problems we work around them, he is a different man.

My last lady was not really overweight or unfit but she decided that exercise was the only thing that she was not doing enough in her life. She wanted to lose about 5 kilos and increase her fitness level. We have a session once a week and I see her in the studio 2 or 3 times a week working out. She now enjoys coming in keeping her fitness levels high and lost that 5 kilos in the first 3 months

We can all have these results and be healthy and fit, we only have to do one thing first WANT IT!!

Want it for yourself and once you do that I promise it will happen.

Personal Trainer Camden & narellan