Exercise Right Week

posted Jun 10, 2014, 4:19 PM by Rebecca Smith

This week (26-30 May) is known to fitness professionals as the nations Exercise Right Week. The focus of this

blog entry is how you can stay active during work hours and help promote a healthy and active lifestyle within the workplace.

It is interesting to note research indicates that employees who spend 2.5 hours per week exercising during work hours attain the same or higher productivity levels than their less physically active colleagues.

There are a range of issues which come about from sitting still at work for an extended period of time. Posture at work has long been recognised as a potential occupational hazard. However research is now linking extended periods of sitting with the risk of developing chronic diseases. Further to this people who sit for extended periods of time during a week and only partake in the minimum exercise requirements (30 minutes moderate activity, 5 times per week) typically may not reduce their risk.

So what can you do during and outside of office hours to help?

·         Be sure to attend the gym especially before or after a long day sitting at work!!

·         Active meetings — Take informal meetings outside and, where possible make it a walking meeting

·         Active desk work — Set hourly reminders in your calendar to take a break. Link your reminder to a different exercise or stretch

·         Active commute - make your commute to work active. Stand up on the train or get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way

·         Active lunch — Avoid spending your lunch break at your desk. Get up and go for a 15 minute walk with a colleague before or after you eat.

·         Active teams — Set a team goal to participate in a local fun run or walk

·         Or speak to your PT on writing small quick programs for you to complete during your spare time at work

So are you or your work colleagues as healthy as you think you are?

This quick numbers test will help you see how you stack up.

Blood pressure —Aim for your blood pressure to below 130/85mm Hg. A blood pressure of 120/80mm Hg is optimal. Many pharmacies offer free blood pressure testing.

Waist circumference — A healthy waist tends to be below 102cm for men and 88cm for women.

Walking ability — How far can you walk in six minutes? The average 44-year-old can walk 660m, 70-79-year-olds tend to reach 500m and 80 to 89-year-olds generally make 400m.

Kirsty Mitchell
Difference Personal Training Camden