Consistency and results - it's all about mindset!

posted Nov 15, 2017, 4:16 PM by Rebecca Smith

Throughout any training program everyone will come across a plateau period, a time when they think, is it worth it, why am I doing it, this is getting hard, maybe I wont go into today, I’m too busy with the kids to train today, the list could go on forever.  

For some people this may be a daily for others it might come once in a while, either way these, it is important to remember that being consistent is the base for results.  Weather your goal is weight loss, body building or just for general fitness and well-being being consistent day in day out, week in week out, is what will ensure you get your goals.   It is actually these times, when you push through the days you “don’t” want to do it, that you will see your best results.

So what strategies can you use to help with consistency

1.   Awareness!

Be aware that in reality getting to your goals is not always going to something you “feel” motivated for.  Accept that you are going to have days when it gets hard, when you don’t feel motivated, when you could think of a million other things to do.  Knowing that this exists, helps you to catch it when it arrives

Focus on the Positive

On those days you have these negative thoughts it is easy to buy in to the “bull” that you are spinning yourself.  The “reasons” why you shouldn’t have to train today, so you need to focus on the positive. Remember all the hard work you have put in already, be proud of the results you have already achieved, remember why you got started on this journey, think of how good you will feel when you finish that workout, when you pushed through a challenging day!  You will feel amazing!  

3.   Tap into the fear of not succeeding

Sometimes the positive is not enough to motivate us, so we need to think about what it would feel like to fail at this goal, not to hit our desired weight, to continue putting on weight or being unfit and unhealthy.  The thought of not being able to run around with out kids, or being in hospital with illness.  Sometimes the best strategy for motivating yourself through the hard times is to tap into your fear of failure.  Fear can be a stronger motivator than pleasure!

Remember turning up of these days and putting in the hard work in the gym you will feel a lot better physically and mentally moving forward, by just turning up to the gym is a win in itself!

By being consistent with your training and your diet and keeping this discipline will help you to see results and will keep you strong in both body and mind. There are many different tools that can be used to keep yourself accountable and on track, some include;

  • Make a conscious decision to remain consistent - Say out loud to yourself, “I am committed to remaining consistent each day in my goal. I am doing this!”
  •  Have a plan, or see a personal trainer who can give you a plan and help to hold you accountable.
  • Remember that feelings and thoughts are temporary and subjective.  You do have the power to change them
  • Do one thing at a time. Be in the present moment.
  • Remember to change “I can’t” to “I can” or even “what if I can”
  • My favourite “don’t think just do!” Sometimes we think too much and talk ourselves OUT of what is best for us.  So don’t think about it, do it.

By following these steps it keeps the individual accountable regarding their fitness journey it will help keep them on track when they have the negative thoughts and the bad days, reminding them not to give up and to stick at their task and long term goal of health and fitness.