Our Team

Too often we see clients take the plunge,  join a gym and jump into an exercise program without any education and guidance and find themselves confused and disappointed and sometimes stop before they have seen their true potential and achieve their desired results.

We are driven to see you succeed, passionate about training and nutrition and aim to see you reach your goals. We believe in what we teach and will provide a program that is personally catered to your needs and your goals.

All of our trainers are passionate and committed to our members and their success. Our personal trainers will listen to you, motivate you, challenge you and provide you with service not seen in any other exercise facility.

Our team is continually studying and looking for new ways to excite our members and provide them with additional services and fun ways to exercise.  We take health and exercise seriously and take the time to understand each client individually so we can help in the best possible way.

Meet our Personal Training Team

Personal Trainer 

Tim is has been with Difference Personal Training for over 4 years and has helped transform hundreds of people across the years.  Tim is a dedicated and passionate trainer who is highly popular. Whether you wan to build muscle or lose weight Tim can help you achieve results.

Tim is well known for his body sculpting workouts.  Tim is a very experienced trainer, a Fitness Australia Master Trainer who has years of experience.

Tim has also been through a transformation journey, losing over 20kgs of body fat and building muscle.  Tim understands what it takes to get results!  To book with Tim call 02 4647 1665.

Personal Trainer - Jess

Jess is a wonderful personal trainer and works with our members helping them to build their dream bodies and achieve their health and fitness goals. Jess joined the fitness industry because she loves to help people and see them succeed.

Jess is well known for her enjoyable and motivating personal training sessions. 

Jess has been through her own personal training transformation, losing over 10kg with a combination of exercise and diet.  Jess can also help you transform your body with a combination of her skills, experience and own transformation.

If you would like to book with Jake, please call 02 4647 1665.

Personal Trainer - Deb

Deb is a wonderful personal trainer who years of experience in the fitness industry.  Deb works with a variety of our clients and has a genuine love for helping people.  Deb has helped to transform many of our clients and work with them to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

Deb is an experienced personal trainer, registered with Fitness Australia with a love for helping people.

Deb has also been through her own transformation journey losing over 10kg and increasing her health and fitness.  She knows what it takes to get results and will use her experience and passion to help to get you results.

To book with Deb call 02 4647 1665.

Personal Trainer - Jake

Jake loves being a Personal Trainer and defiantly practices what he preaches. Jake is experienced at helping clients work to achieve their health and fitness goals, and also ensure he continues his work outs every day. Jake joined the fitness industry because he loves to help people become the best version of themselves.

If you would like to book with Jake please call 02 4647 1665.

Personal Trainer - Laura

Laura is currently studying to be an Exercise Physiologist and and always had in interest in health and wellness. . Laura loves challenging her clients and getting the best out of them.  She has a great knowledge of the body and it's mechanics and has assisted people with not only weight loss goals but rehab for those who may have more challenges problems.

If you would like to book with Laura please call 02 4647 1665.

Personal Trainer Chloe

Chloe loves helping people to achieve results and has helped to transform many of our members, working with them to build their dream body. Chloe has a specific passion for mums and bub and loves helping people who are looking to fall pregnant, are currently pregnant or have just given birth.

Chloe loves health and fitness and has a dedicated program that she follows to keep herself in shape and feeling fit and healthy. Kat is very popular with our members and is highly qualified to help you no matter what your condition or health and fitness challenge.

Life Coach - Rebecca

As part of your personal training membership you are entitled to free life coaching sessions. Life coaching is important for helping people over come emotional or motivational barriers.  

Our Life Coach Rebecca has been through not only her own transformation Journey but many different life challenges from losing her mother to suffering depression and anxiety. 

Rebecca will use her qualifications, skills and life experiences to help you work through any barriers that may be stopping you achieve success.

Life Coaching is an important part of achieving your results as you need to not only exercise and diet but focus on what is 

Personal Trainer - Kathleen

Kathleen is a highly dedicated personal trainer who is passionate about helping people get results. She has worked with lots of clients and helped achieve their goals whether it be weight loss, fitness or strength.

To book with Kathleen call 02 4647 1665.