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Southwest Wellness Centre

Difference Personal Training Studio operates out of Southwest Wellness Centre and forms part of the Difference Health Group.

Difference Personal Training works in partnership with the centre and incorporates these modalities as part of our personal training membership packages.
Southwest Wellness Centres Services Include;

Difference Physiotherapy

Difference Physiotherapy is Narellan’s Sports Injury & Lifestyle Treatment Facility. Our team are experienced and passionate Physiotherapists who want to see you achieve long lasting results. Our Physio’s spend 30min with each patient ensuring you are not rushed. We have the latest technology and a modern clinic with access to a 250sqm fitness studio to assist with rehab. 

Difference Podiatry

Our Podiatrist’s take a healthy, innovative approach to podiatry by using up-to-date treatments, which help patients get the best possible results. We understand that foot and ankle pain can be detrimental to the quality of your everyday life, so we want to get you back on your feet as soon as possible

Our team of Podiatrist’s on have a wealth of experience, working with a range of different clients from diabetics to assisting with foot care and to using gait technology to assist athletes and sports people.

Difference Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapists can provide you with remedial massage, relaxation, sports massage, rehabilitation
massage, Pregnancy & Much More. What is most important is our Massage therapists listen to your needs,
if you like a firm massage if you like it relaxing or if you need a muscle released, we listen, that is our difference.

Difference Psychology

Our Psychologists provide clients with support through all emotional and psychological conditions. Our team are passionate about helping people with all types of emotional stresses including Anxiety , Depression, Relationships, Separation, Grief, Trauma, Anger Management, Behaviour Problems, Weight Gain or Loss and many other emotional stresses. We accept Mental Health Care Plans, work with EAP providers, Comcare and Workcover.

Difference Dietetics

Our Dietitian’s can help with a wide variety of dietary concerns and provide advice on meal planning, foods, health goals and food preferences. We can help people with Weight Loss or Gain, Obesity, Malnutrition, Eating Disorders, Digestive Health, Diabetes, Coeliac Disease, Irritable Bowel, Allergies, Sports & Athletes, Food Intolerance or low/high Blood Pressure and much more...

Difference Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiology team are experts in chronic disease management as well as workers compensation & rehabilitation. Our team specialise in helping people which chronic conditions, pain, injury and restrictions with getting back into exercise and improving their lifestyle.  An Exercise Physiologist will do a specialised exercise programs and can help with, obesity, chronic illness, high blood pressure, diabetes , rehabilitation and any specific muscular ailment.